best ukrainian wife candidate the shop cashier, really

The Girl You Must Marry–The Shop Assistant: Three Types of Univeristy Girls To Avoid Part 3 5/5 (6)

Ukrainian women,  Russian , Belarussian ..Georgian, Armenian , Bulgarian  ect..when we look at Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union there is a standard benchmark of care and feminimity you just can’t find in Western Europe , North America or anywhere else in the solar system. This is why Slavic women are the peerfect ideal

Three University Girls To Avoid Part 2 : The Language Student 5/5 (3)

These girls have close connections and friendships with the  secretaries, program administrators, and russian language teachers within the  “International Office —отдел международных отношений –which prepares and manages the foreign applications to the university; basically the administrative back- office which will place a foreign student into a faculty  of study, assign dormitory space and even for the

Three University Girls To Avoid And One Type To Definately Marry 5/5 (6)

You were warned, and you didnt listen. Now I have to remind you again  so that you don’t lose your tution money and your parents hard earned money. The dissertation I am writing for you  here is based on more than 18 years personal experience in the FSU [Former Soviet Union/[Russian Speaking World -RSW] and

International Students’ Value Of Time 5/5 (5)

Value of Time For Students Time is the most precious things for us. It’s races past very fast. It goes it’s own way. It does not pay to heed to any one. It must not be stopped. Time once lost cannot be regained. So we have to use time efficiently. I ‘ve  seen many students

International Relations Part 2: Accidental Parents and Early Marriage 5/5 (3)

There is a transitional period of crisis every January around the world when every foreign student plays Russian roulette with fate–destiny. plans suddenly change because a condom broke . . or a condom wasnt used or, her chosen method of birth control was not effective. Study plans are in most cases completely changed or stopped.

International Relations Part 1: The Do’s And The Don’ts When Studying 5/5 (3)

You have a  ton of responsibility on your shoulders when you arrive to a foreign country to study as an “international student”. Your parents worked very hard and made an investment in your education,  in fact, they wire an allowance   into your bank account every month and on time and without question. Their goal

Benefits Of Studying Abroad And Living In Foreign Country 5/5 (3)

While most of your American high school classmates are stressed-out over their SAT/ACT scores in order to have a chance at being accepted for studies in an “IVY-League” school where tuition per year can range from $25,000 to $40,000 a year–you were cleverly searching for and applying to Eastern European universities and even Ukrainian, Belorussian

Medical Student From Nigeria Wins “Golos Ukraine”! 5/5 (3)

      You have to watch and listen to her sing! Please rate this Sample rating item

The Butterfly Effect: Study In Ukraine 5/5 (3)

Do not  visit this site for  international student, a  focused social site Elite Social Network unless you want to completely transform your life to the positive. Small changes  cause massive effects. This theory is very closely related to “chaos theory” and  the idea that seemingly “random” change [ or decisions you make in your life

English Speaking Jobs For Ukrainian Students in Kiev Are Growing! 5/5 (2)

Dear Students, Ukraine’s English language demand in the economy is growing every year. Moreover, the requirement of an ILETS or TOEFL score is also becoming a standard request from Human Resource Managers across Ukraine  regardless of whether the job you are appealing for requires the professional use of English or not. download this pdf and

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