Real Analysis : Part 2 Why Western Women Dont Marry Eastern European Men – Or – “I’d rather shoot myself in the head with a hollow point depleated urainum bullet than have to cook, clean and be submissive to him “ 5/5 (1)

 REASON NUMBER #1  : DRINKING BEFORE 12:00 NOON In other words , many Western women are quite shocked to witness their Ukrainian or Russian boyfriends drink an alcoholic beverage before 12 noon. In fact, as early as 8 or 9am in the morning in order to cure a hangover from the previous  night with just

Why Western Women Expats Don’t Marry Eastern European Men Part 1 5/5 (10)

Western women expats working in Ukraine, Russia and Eastern Europe can’t easily find husbands there locally. Some lucky few are able to find their perfect match but the road to marital success for a significant number of Western women is a tumultous journey through a barbwire fence of cultural conflicts. The primary struggle between Eastern

The Scar That Never Heals And Germany’s Future For International Students 5/5 (4)

Is Germany still a safe place for  international “students of color ” to obtain their higher education? Many Russians, Ukrainians, African, Indian and Arab country students have successfully obtained Masters and other advanced medical and engineering degrees in Germany–after having first obtained their degrees in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Serbia and even Czech Republic and

Something terrible will happen in 2018? 5/5 (4)

  Another new year came.What will happen in 2016?Predicts Popular Magazine Craig Hamilton Parker.Who is this Parker?Why did his prediction rise in the title?Then you know who this is Parker. Craig Hamilton Parker is the person who correctly told during the election for the US president, Donald Trump will sit on the White House.Parker’s popularity

Why Western Women Expats Don’t Marry Ukrainian or Russian Men or; “I’d Rather Shoot Myself In The Head With A Hollow-Point Depleted Uranium Bullet Then Have To Be Submisive To Him And Cook Him Meals And Hold His Hand in Public!’ 5/5 (3)

Have you ever wondered why there aren’t any significant number of Ukrainian and Russian marriage agencies that help foreign women marry a young and handsome Slavic man? Read more about this feature article coming in 2018. Successful men  in Ukraine , Belarus and Russia do not look like this young fellow in the photo above–the


ACT 3 THE REBIRTH OF THE EUROPEAN UNION I promised to write this analysis in a series of  “ACTS”, however ,   there is no 2nd ACT.  Because the the second act is  the WAR itself and I will leave that sad analysis to the hundreds of expert foreign policy experts around the world to


ACT ONE HOW A FAIRY TALE TURNED INTO A NIGHTMARE Europe used to be an attractive destination for foreign students to study and continue their higher education. However, the past 4 years has seen a decrease of  foreign students enrolling in higher learning institutions in  France and Germany; study abroad programs and even tourism to

Real Analysis: African Ancestry In Germany 5/5 (3)

  We would like to think that Europe is a bright example of multiculturalism, but it is perhaps, an imperfect model in today’s refugee pretext. Historically though, a few countries such as Portugal, Spain, Italy, France and Germany have always had a significant African population. you would be surprised to learn that even centuries ago,

Iran What The Americans And The West Do Not Want To Know be 1st to rate this!

What do you know about Iran?  Really, we have a preconceived notion of this ancient and cultured country. They are not war-mongers or a nation state of terrorists who all hate the “West” they are and will remain unfortunately, a mystery to  the world.  You must watch this documentary first and later i will write

Halal Across Europe

Halal 5/5 (1)

If I had  a  million euros to invest right now, and exactly this month, I would travel to both Germany and France to help local Halal food providers expand throughout their respective territories and further into Europe. In fact, 1 million Euros may not be adequate, it may take a consortium of private investors to

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