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Почему Ты Здесь ? часть 2 5/5 (3)

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You [ the expat, or foreign student ] always get this question at least twice or thrice a month from your local citizens of your host country. I wrote about this interesting question a year ago and you can visit the first installment of this never ending conversational question here below at this link

Really, Why Are You Here? or почему ты здесь ?

Part 2:  As many of you readers who have been with me since the begining of ths  social site project, you already know that I also teach English here in Ukraine in order to continue building Mwonyonyi Xoldingz Ukraine.  If you are a Language teacher of any kind working in the RSW [ Russian Speaking World ] you are familiar with common confrontations of  “idealism” ; your student’s  idealism and your own idealism –that is considered by many to be quite naive.

Lugansk 2013
teaching in Lugansk Ukraine 2013

With the economic sitiations in both Russia and Ukraine becoming ever more challenging  the question arises in very direct forms:

  1. “Are you going back to your home country for Christmas and New Years ? “
  2. “Why are you here? “
  3. “How long will you teach in Ukraine? —w-t-f! –forever? You like it here? “
  4.  “There’s no perspective in my country , so ..why are you really here?
  5.  ” what are you hiding from in my country?
  6. ” Are you a spy, you can trust me –why are you here”
  7.  Did you kill someone in your home country ? why are you here?
  8.  Did you have such a bad life in your home country, is this why you are here?
  9.  Are you crazy?

If you can think of any more unique questions based on this theme , please  write them in the  “comments ” section below

thank you

to be continued  . . .


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