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What is the Best Social Network for Students And Advanced Technology for Students 4.2/5 (5)

Social media has proved to be the most applied means of communication applied local as well as international students globally. A fine example is elitesocialnetwork.org. unlike many other social platforms, Elite Social Network has dedicated educational features which learners use to learn basics on most subjects.

Students can also use Elite Social Network in high school, college and Universities to get real-time features, most of these social platforms were developed by students, so they have that students in contact and background, let’s look at social platform like FACEBOOK (FB) which was made by a student, the platform started as a social network for student and and it began growing widely into a large social media applied by over 900 Million people all around the world, but you’ll find that Elite Social Network a new in this sector more reliable and  better social platform for students at the moment.

Below is a list of Social Networks For Students:


I think most of you’re wondering why I didn’t start with FB because the majority of the aboard students use FB. But Elite Social Network as I mentioned is much better than FACEBOOK due to its reliable and attractive features.  The major diff among FB and Elite Social Network is that Elite Social Network is mainly focused on foreign students issues, it’s a place where students link and share academic projects and information.

what students like most:

it’s–privacy , the stylistic and even “artsy ” layout of the site. and the fact that they can make groups, forums and when they send a message to their friends list–everybody gets the message. you dont have to pay for a “boost” like in Facebook.

song playlists are being developed currently and users can create music play lists soon

When abroad students are using social platform like Elite Social Network, they have diff intentions, so in most matters, when they go to other any other social network, their intention is to many other tools like chat with friends, check out videos, images many more, but they never go to FB to learn. ..duuhh

But when it comes to Elite Social Network, both students and teachers can safely link with classes and other students all around the world. Learners can post education content on the instant, they can also join educational challenges on the platform which in turns boost their creativity.

Elite Social Network has defined its niche as a coaching community of educators, foreign and local students, as well as parents, from all around the world; Elite Social Network also has classroom-ready tools which can be applied by both local and foreign students and their teachers – professors during the procedure of learning and teaching.

watch out for elite socia networks mobile app, probably launching in winter 2018 or spring 2019.


Teachers and students like visual learning because it looks a bit interesting, many students and professors have found this platform as a remarkable tool to improve their learning procedure. YouTube consumers make free channels and post videos on just anything. These are range from art, music, science, health, sports etc… Also some teachers use this video to derive real-time visual instance on any subject in the classroom.


It has not so far become so famous but it’s a fine network for students. This is a place to learn whatever you wish, with this; students can simply ask any question and get reasonable answers. So when it comes to shy learners who fear to ask questions while in the class, they’ll find this a bit comfortable, they can decide to stay unknown and learn whatever they wish. Also, professors can take benefit of this platform by making virtual classes, track learners contribution and managing course content.


As we mentioned earlier this is the most used social platform in the world now, but for students, huge lack of educational tools, over all FB is a fine for searching old classmates and keeping in link with all your mates across many colleges and schools. A lot of teachers and schools have made academic pages and Groups on FB, and they post educational content on this system, so the entire group members can join the conversation.

Google Plus+

Google Plus+ is a new Social network from Google, the platform has seen potential development in the past few years. Links are made through, circles, so teachers and students make circles via which they can share info and graphic illustrations inform of videos and images. With Google plus, you would not go for old friends, because it’s new platform, so its user base is not that huge like Elite Social Network, but you can invite your classmates to link your circle and keep in touch with each other.


It has been profiled as a social platform for expert people, but it has also helped a lot of students get hired by a few firms. It’s a good platform for students because, after high school, you’ll need to link with people who’ll help you develop your carrier. So this has remarkable potential when comes to job options. When your stay students, you can use this to find mentors who can motivate you.


The single place where wording become social, though most tweets (texts) get ignored, students have found this more useful. More students use Twitter mobile application to stay in touch with buddies, also professors has devised methods to use Twitter in the class. Student tweet academic questions, jokes, news and a lot of other funny status updates as a method of keeping up with their associates.   I personally spend less time on this compared to the time I spend on Elite Social Network, but when a few students prefer Twitter to FB.


Design and Fashion students, this is an enormous social network for you. The largest audience is women, they pin inspirational pictures, but the design and fashion pictures have populated the platform, so it can also act as a huge inspirational platform, or you can also apply it for research purposes.

Final verdicts:

When it comes to the social network site, not everything is an ideal way. There’re some advantages on the use of social network sites, but since you’re a responsible kid, you’ll take complete benefit of the resources all the Student social network sites offer you. Use Elite social network site well and meaningful and helpful links that’ll help you get through your study.

I suggested entire foreign students studying far away from their family and country; they must try Elite social network site, which is extremely intellectual, artistic, and a way intellectual and interesting than many other student social networks and Facebook.

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