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Nine Ways Foreign Students Use Elite Social Network For Their Benefit 5/5 (1)


Think nothing fine can сome from encouraging learners to use a social network like elitesocialnetwork.org new social networks intellectual and interesting for expats and much better than FACEBOOK. Consider these former foreign students and Ministers at Colleges and Universities are doing.  I asked these foreign students how they use the social network as an academic tool and how that formed both their high school and college success.

Students around the world are tapping into the social network to get linked with the world-class changing programs and share their passions. Here’re just a few of the ways they’re using these tools for great.

Sharing resources and tools

David Lee was a current student; he appreciated that is college class applied Elite Social Network to share summaries of projects and to track problems and political issues. Applying social network resources and tools for the class made me realize that they offer extremely effective ways to do a much better work, Lee said.

Gathering survey data

When a college student Allen, he learned learner to use this new social network at school and at home to expand his viewership for survey data, I got amazingly responsive detail form surveys that I shared on Elite Social network, Allen said. Getting feedback on projects and lot of other school works has been one more academic tool and benefit. According to senior Minister at High school, he said, I would constantly post presentations form research program online on the social network and I was forever amazed at the number of people who’d look at my work.

Collaborating with peers

As like adult in the professional globe, learners are discovering the energy of linking and partnering with peers to get superior ideas and work. College student Kumar said, he likes issues solving with mates and classmates on the Elite social network. If I need help with my homework, I reach out on Elite media, he said, and when they need assistance, I can often pay back the favor.

This amazing social platform allows him to get rapid help and support. I like that I do not have to wait until class the next day to get support, he said.

His classmate Julia believes that this platform is helping with some new challenges and academic pressure to new levels and virtual age skill growth. My school work now needs me to have choicer and places to go, she said. Though the work is a bit more challenging today, I’ve a wider group of friends than ever before who can properly help me with my problems.

Contributing to group work

As teachers assign more group projects, learners are turning to the social platform to collaborate, said College student Campos. I believe that social platform is extremely helpful when it comes to connecting with my group collaborators, he said.

Campos stated, he has made group chats using the elite social network for things like advanced science projects and it is great to capable to check on each other’s progress and hard work in real time.

Communicating with teachers

Social platform collaboration and communication is also extending beyond student to teacher and student to student. Yang, a student from University, her history professor has a class Social network page and encourages hits students to use it to ask questions and discuss class project and work.

I’ve asked him a lot of questions about projects and homework on many occasions. She said I love how simple and much better than famous social platforms it is. I get my questions answered rapidly as well as personally.

It is this time rapidly and personal attention that looks to be working for several students as they link to teachers through the Elite social network.

Last summer, I had to get a hold of an educator who I had not even met yet, said high school student Lily, I found him on elitesocialnetwork.org and message him, said Lily. We started working jointly before classes even started.

Researching careers

Linking students to profession and career info for project-based work is simple with this platform, said Ali, a high school student, who use Elite Social network to learn more about medicine. I follow other pages that shoe related projects, said Ali. I am interested in a medical career and I am learning by seeing images of after and before surgeries.

Meeting with experts and mentors

In addition to career research and program work, several are using these tools to link with actual mentors and employees. I use the elite social network to message a volunteer shelter for animals to see if I’d volunteer there, there’s really professional and career app going on here. According to high school ministers, she secured a job while in college via the social network.

I used my Elite Social network profile to give more info and share my profile with my boss. Tina said.

Showcasing student work 

As learners become more turned into modern skills development, several are also realizing that social platform provides remarkable platforms for their virtual portfolios. Science school student Faisal says he routinely posts his reports cars, successful completion, and grades on his social profile.

In addition to reports cards and grades, his schoolmate Tina says, she and her classmates share simple work on all projects on Elite Network.

In art class, I’d share almost each finished canvas Zen said, I got fabulous feedbacks and compliments from so many people.

Creating digital portfolios

A lot of teachers argue that social platform is one of the new literacy and that learners could, and maybe should, see this equipment as an entire part of their virtual footprint.

I posted images on my profile trying to show who I’m and that I’ve an interest in my future plan, said floral. We need to show young and the world that we are serious. I think a Social platform like Elite Social network can do that properly.

We expect to students to do more only know the risks and dangers of tech tools, learners are called on to understand the choices the virtual work presents and use these tools to do fine in the Globe. It looks that lot of local students and foreign students already accepted that challenge.

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