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Big Red Wine Glasses For January 2019 5/5 (9)

big red wine glasses

What is “total control ” ? In this series we introduce the success  philosophy for dedicated “defectors” and  “expats ” to live in Eastern Europe.  At this point  of summer, you should be strategizing and planning how you are going to celebrate the New Year—-YES!  this early.  ESN followers of our social site are always months ahead of other less successful people.  We are ahead of the “curve” and we see most changes before others have a chance to panic about them.

Success as an expat or foreign student in Eastern Europe is not an “accident” ,  achievement does not simply “happen” — we create our own sadness and happiness .. . we actually have  total control.

aged steak
aged steak

What you should focus on this summer is :

  1. where you will spend your New Years and with whom?
  2. what  might be your New Years dinner [ I have already decided ]
  3. what academic or financial achievement have you set for yourself to obtain before 2019.
  4. what choices will you make now this summer to transform your life  this Fall season and into winter.

Elite Social Network’s new series  “TOTAL CONTROL ”  is focused on teaching  success-skills to expats and foreign students liviing , studying and working in Eastern Europe.  We will discuss such issues as : language study, business plan consulting,  lawyer selection , job search, city selection and even spouse selection which can dramatically impact your goals, health and life direction.

So, be patient and wait for our first feature article in the “TOTAL CONTROL ”  series.

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Susmita Dey
Susmita Dey

The Andaman island of India is a place I’ve always dreamed of m New Year’s. White sand beaches, azure water, and toasty tropical temperatures in December and January and the second is the Cox’s Bazar the largest sea beach in the world located in bangladesh— what more could you need

Abdul Kader

As usual in Bangladesh New Year’s Eve is a time of celebration. Despite the chill outside, it is a perfect time to embrace the mood of togetherness in festivity and spread that warmth. While New Year’s celebration in Dhaka is in no short of being grand, there is a certain element of togetherness missing. Dancing, arguably, is a timeless method of welcoming something propitious but spending time with family, reminiscing good old memories, can also be a wonderful way to bid farewell to another year.