Defector Part 14 Successful Europeans Are The New Immigrants To Ukraine And Russia 5/5 (5)

Eastern Europe is the  “New America ” for many disenchanted Europeans and foreigners; a geographic region of social, political and economic change comparable to early America after the American Civil War [ 1861- 1865 ] 

While many native born citizens of Eastern Europe dream about leaving thier homelands and moving to a Western country:  Elite entrepreneurs want to move East.

The number of foreigners who eventually earn citizenship from their new country in Eastern Europe is growing for the most mis-understood motivations. is the great escape for many  “self-employed ” professionals.

In relation to cracks in the social and economic framework that is the European Union and quite similar in The United States, the “elites ” have found other life-changing means to make their lives simplier , freer , and economically  prudent for living out thier early retirement of “second -careers “.


residential property in the European Union 2018, price per square metre

We began to write about this exodus of  Westerners in our first introductory article in our  “Defector ” series.

You must read more here “Defector Part 10 ”  — even in this introductory article we discussed the housing crisis that is impacting the financial futures of millions of Westerners who desire to have a large family and require significant living space.  Many real offers have been made , most recently from Russian President Vladimir Putin. Many entreprenuers are discovering that the governements of many Eastern European countries have huge taax breaks for business investments in areas the locals can not optimize for lack of  “know-how “, and or perhaps lack of technologies needed to upgrade soviet-style infrastructure in factories and in mental process.


Being successful in Europe is actually more costly than one would imagine. Consider and unmarried entrepreneur , who legally operates a business and his personal income is more than 400,000 euro. There is no motivation to increase your income in developed countires because the tax obligation increases dramatically if not ..extremly crushing percentages. An optimal solution for private entrepreneurs who can “remotely ” work from home or fly conviently throughout Europe where their clients live  –is to operate their business from a new home address in Eastern Europe where corporate and personal tax rates are favorable.

  • Italy – 50.59% (takes home $202,360 out of $400,000 salary)
  • India – 54.90%
  • United Kingdom -57.28%
  • France – 58.10%
  • Canada -58.13%
  • Japan – 58.68%
  • Australia- 59.30%
  • United States – 60.45% (based on New York state tax)
  • Germany – 60.61%
  • South Africa – 61.78%
  • China – 62.05%
  • Argentina – 64.02%
  • Turkey – 64.64%
  • South Korea – 65.75%
  • Indonesia – 69.78%
  • Mexico -70.60%
  • Brazil – 73.32%
  • Russia – 87%
  • Saudi Arabia – 96.86% (so you take home $387,400 out of the $400,000 salary)

In most of these 19 rich countries (the 20th member is the EU) the take-home pay is between $230,000 – $280,000.

[ source — ]

Many savvy Western and even African and Asian based entrepreneurs understand that the next financial crisis will be cataclysmic –it will change the way all people on earth live. The main commodities–food and water and energye a will be the ” barter ggoods ” and  the only collateral worth owning..and to own especially –food — you will need your own sustainable living with at least 1 acre  of land to have a garden to supply you with vegetable year round and perhaps your own flock of chickens.

The intellectual elites know that even in thier own country they can not sustain this utopian ” financial cirsis aftermath lifestyle ” ..One needs to move comletely to another country–and do it now.  Russia’s Land Offer


There is a global movement of  “Preppers”– in fact I will write another Defector series article about this movement.

This is the best full video i could find, and i really like the moment at 10:00 minutes


to be continued …..


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Fairuj Lutfia
Fairuj Lutfia

To my analysis Ukraine is prominent among these dwindling populations and set to witness an 18 percent decline by 2050. The UN list also features Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, and Poland. Over the next thirty years, each of these countries faces the prospect of at least a 15 percent drop.

Abdul Kader

According to the survey of 2017 we know that Russia emerged as Israel’s largest provider of immigrants under its law of return for Jews and their relatives with 7,224 newcomers, followed by 7,182 immigrants from the Ukraine, according to an updated report of immigration to Israel, or aliyah, by a partnering organization of the Ministry for Immigrant Absorption.

Suchan Kumar
Suchan Kumar

So far As I know Ukraine is still quite the bargain for travelers. Geoarbitrage is a powerful thing, and I can pretty much guarantee that it’s not going to last forever. Sure, the Ukrainian economy is a bit of a mess, but all good things come to an end at some point.

Susmita Dey
Susmita Dey

From wiki research I know that
Ukrainians in Russia
Total population
Decrease 1,927,988 identified as ethnic Ukrainians in the 2010 Russian census.[1] 2.03% of the population of Russia
Increase 4,358,046 approximately (2015)

4.058% of the population of Russia
Russian (99.8%, 2002), Ukrainian
Predominantly Christians (55%).[2][3] Many consider themselves non-religious.
Related ethnic groups
Kuban Cossacks, Ukrainian diaspora, other Slavic peoples (especially East Slavs)
Ukrainians in Russia make up the largest single diaspora group of the Ukrainian people. In 2010 1.9 million Ukrainians lived in Russia, representing over 1.4% of the total population of the Russian Federation and comprising the third-largest ethnic group – after ethnic Russians and Tatars.