big red wine glasses

Big Red Wine Glasses For January 2019 5/5 (8)

What is “total control ” ? In this series we introduce the success  philosophy for dedicated “defectors” and  “expats ” to live in Eastern Europe.  At this point  of summer, you should be strategizing and planning how you are going to celebrate the New Year—-YES!  this early.  ESN followers of our social site are always

Defector Part 14 Successful Europeans Are The New Immigrants To Ukraine And Russia 5/5 (5)

Eastern Europe is the  “New America ” for many disenchanted Europeans and foreigners; a geographic region of social, political and economic change comparable to early America after the American Civil War [ 1861- 1865 ]  While many native born citizens of Eastern Europe dream about leaving thier homelands and moving to a Western country:  Elite

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