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Popular Destinations For International Students 5/5 (9)

Summer is officially here and thousands of students across Europe and the FSU [ Former Soviet Union ] geography are headed for interesting places for rest and fun, sometimes adventure. After a years of school and perhaps it was your last year–and you graduated, Horay! Now it is time for a well deserved rejeuvenation of the soul and mind.

But what are exotic experiences are savvy international students looking for and in what unique places? But let me tell you about my recent emergency trip to Krakow Poland where I had to prepare some legal documents at the last minute.

I live in Ukraine , and i love my new home but i recently just fell in love with Krakow Poland . I stayed at a very affordable and amazingly posh [ for hostel standards ] hostel called DIZZY DAISY DOWNTOWN HOSTEL


dizzy daisy downtown hostel, krakow poland –that’s me , the goodlooking black guy holding the beer

8 bed shared room co-ed

Dizzy Daisy Downtown Hostel

+48122920171  /+48123987812 /

I basically paid less than 70 dollars and lived there for 5 days; clean accomodation , international guests, the entire staff speaks perfect English, i assume they were college students from the local university working at the hostel and its a good match. Because  the atmosphere is very free and i am all about freedom. You can buy food just 5 minute walking distance from the hostel, the city is clean, simply..i could nt find any trash on the ground…really..i searched and could not find a candy wrapper or beer bottle lying around anywhere..just freaking ..ans scarily clean…or maybe i was in the “clean” part of the city..who knows.

But where are other students going to?  What i discovered was that quite a few financially solid students were going to England [ not exactly your tropical destination ] The recent wedding of Prince Harry has inspired quite a few international students to make the expensve journey to at least see London or some smaller “shire” –village town experience. One Polish girl I met at Dizzy Daisy Downtown Hostel explained to me that she was travelling specifically to England to try a very specific drink that Pippa Middleton loves..  .it called Pimm’s

But England is expenive for a week orr even two weeks for any international student. But how do students travel? usually with a friend ,or a girlfriend or boyfriend. Hardly ever alon, so, i would recommend taking an adventure with your closest mate.

Here are the top 8 destinations:

  1.  Croatia
  2. Serbia
  3. Greece
  4. Turkey
  5. Egypt
  6. Vietnam
  7. India [Goa ]
  8.  Uganda/ Kenya [ if you are adventurous ]
  9. Cuba
  10. Czech Republic

Some of the countries on this list can be very affordable if you have secured your accomodation first. I highly recommend Hostel World, they have more hostels in thier network in more than 170 countries!!!

to be continued….

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Abdul Kader

A Survey Says that Canada Is the most popular destination for the International student .But after that the United States was the second highest choice, with 42 per cent of respondents stating a desire to study there. Europe was the next most popular, at 16 per cent, followed by the UK and Germany.

Shorif hasan

Each country people choice is not same for education. But canada is a most popular destination country for international student. and if you look Nigerian Students Who Plan to Study Abroad. then they will give you fast choice canada and second choice will be Germany then The United States,Norway,Finland.


shamim ahamed
shamim ahamed

A survays says that indian people always try to study in canada beacuse Canada is one of the safest countries in the world and also has a high quality of life. In fact, Global News ranked Canada as the second country in the world in terms of social and economic progress and development.and a statistics says that around 14% of all international students in Canada are comprised of Indian students.

Suchan Kumar
Suchan Kumar

Statistics from UNESCO reveal that the US, UK, France, and Australia – in corresponding order – are the most popular destinations around the world when it comes to attracting international university prospects.


Australia is the destination for 6% of international students. The top sending countries are China, India, Malaysia, and Vietnam. 44.7 % of these students study Business Management, and 11.8% study Engineering. Education has become the largest export service in Australia.

Susmita Dey
Susmita Dey

From wiki research we knew that According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in their 2009 World Conference on Higher Education report, Over 2.5 million students were studying outside their home country. UNESCO also predicted that the number of foreign students might rise to approximately 7 million by the year 2020. The main destinations preferred were the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada and Australia. Overall, the number of foreign students more than doubled to over 2 million between 2000 and 2007.

Fairuj Lutfia
Fairuj Lutfia

SO far as I know that According to the UN, Canada offers one of the highest qualities of life in the world. Peaceful, safe and stable, the country provides a superior public health system, excellent infrastructure and a welcoming community that celebrates diversity. Studying in Canada will give you a multicultural experience. You will meet warm people who are open to other cultures.