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The Girl You Must Marry–The Shop Assistant: Three Types of Univeristy Girls To Avoid Part 3 5/5 (6)

best ukrainian wife candidate the shop cashier, really

Ukrainian women,  Russian , Belarussian ..Georgian, Armenian , Bulgarian  ect..when we look at Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union there is a standard benchmark of care and feminimity you just can’t find in Western Europe , North America or anywhere else in the solar system. This is why Slavic women are the peerfect ideal for many men fromaround the world.  When you find the ideal partner for life you are truly blessed. She will completely change your life. Really. . .

But as for you, a  young college student studying in a foreign land for 4 or 5 years…how can you determine who is “wife” material?


In summary, and from my experience and the experiences of other [expats and international students] . The hard truth is that the  “university girl”  is the worst choice for several factors. Yes , I higlighted 3 of the most dangerous  university girls to avoid–but as a whole, ALL univeristy girls are to be avoided. Are you shocked? I will explain.


  1. they are all “broke” –in other words they are always in need of money like any college student anywhwere in the world.  You don’t need to start a relationship with somone who will make irrational decisions about their future based on thier perception of obtaining immediate financial support from you or your resources.
  2. She will soon finish within 4 or 5 years to earn her diploma, she doesn’t want to pop-out a baby immediately after graduation then stay at home with the baby minimum 2 years — and not “realize” herself with a job and career matching her education.
  3. Her constant need of finances beyond that of which her parents can give her every month, does not allow her to be faithful to anyone..I said anyone! Most university girls are focused on their studies and they are oly giving their time to men–not “boys” the same age who are also classmates in the university with them but working men at least 10 years older who they date in order to get some simple resources and financial support.
  4.  Semester exams stress her out too. If you date or have a serious long term relationships with an university girl she is just as stressed as you are during exam semesters. She doesn’t have time for you. You are alone during the most stressful academic periods of the year because she is also studying for her exams, but in some situations –she already knows she may not pass the exam, but in any case she may have the opportunity to pay a bribe and “pass” the exam [ you don’t know culturally how to suggest a “bribe”–and even this opportunity is quickly closing for both native Ukrainian and Russian students because government authorities are perfroming many undercover operations to expose corrupt university systems.stressed student
  5.  They have an unrealistic perception about your actual wealth. They are calculating thier potential gain in RUBELs and GRIVNA–and conceptualizing this currency conversion rate in thier heads –and what it can buy them in Ukraine and Russia, or Belarus  their own home economy–BUT! not accepting the reality that your currency  will spend in a different way in your home country if you marry them and bring them to America, or somewhere in the EU, or Austrailia or wherever..and perhaps your currency will have less purchasing power once you bring her home.
  6. False Mass Media Stereotypes About LifeStyle Of Your Country. Not just university/ college girls–but most will have a displaced idea about the syle of life young Americans have and to some extent how  Europeans live based primarily from what they watch on televisions and films about “Western Culture”  So, when you tell your Ukrainian/ Russian girlfriend you have a small two bedroom apartment in center of the city in your home country–and you spend  $1600 a month on rent [ In her mind she instantly converts the dollar amount you just qouted into UAH -44,000 ukrainian grivna (feb 2018 rates) –and when she understands that you are paying 4 times the average amount a family pays for their monthly rent in her own country–your Ukrainian/Russian girlfriend fantasizes that you live in a spacious apartment like in the American television series, “FRIENDS.  She would be shocked to learn that for the amount of money you are paying, the square metric footage of your downtown apartment is actually smaller than her parent’s Kiev apartment –But at least you have HOT WATER all year round:)). "FRIENDS" televison series Warner Brothers Studios



best ukrainian wife candidate the shop cashier, really

Why is the beautful cashier, or waitress in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus  perhaps even the “average” shop-assistant/ cashier  the most ideal wife candidate for you –if you are a long term student studying for a degree in The “FSU”, she is actualy the perfect match in many ways/ Allow me to explain in detail:


  1. SHE HAS A JOB! She is not completely dependent on her parents, in fact, she is quite independent and perhaps she still lives with her parents or has an apartment which she has a female  roomate.  The benefit here is that she understands the value of money, and she will appreciate anything you do for her financially –even small gifts.  In addition, she values her time and she will value yours–because she has a schedule and she has deadlines of income in order to pay rent and eat.
  2. SHE IS SCHEDULE INDEPENDENT– She can change her work schedule at a moments notice –and there is always someone else to take her postition with very little fus. Compare that with the university girl who studies full-time and really cant miss any classes or lectures to “be there” for you–emotionally or some support in another way that you need.
  3.  SHE IS LOCATION INDEPENDENT– If you have to transfer to another university and she loves you–she will follow you to the new city and live together, she will find another “shop-type” job or little job like she had before. Now compare this situation with the university girl–the university girl cant do this.she will follow you if she loves youHER DESTINY  IS UNDEFINED—the shop girl for the most part, did not come from a rich family that could afford to send her to a 1 year, even 2 year technical school, not even university. This beautiful mind decided to begin working immediately after graduating high school. So , when you meet her she has already worked some 4 or 5  years at various low-paying jobs. She has had some young boyfriends , virtually imature local boys also in their young twenties– just as broke as she is and having no financial resources to marry her and take her away from the uninspiring work where she has been earning less than  8000UAH  grivna a month [ about $300 dollars  february 2018 rates ]and now she is desperately looking for her  “real man” to rescue her from this meaningless existence where she has not obtained any personal achievement and a sense of her own self-worth as a young woman. She has no man, no husband, no adress of her own, no family and she is almost 25 years old. Athough you and I would consider her to be 1000 times more beautiful than girls from our own country–however, the shop girl does nto consider herself very beautiful–and despite many recommendations from her close friends she has refused to pay a photographer to create a photo portfolio and join a marriage agency and try to find a husband internationally–since most local boys around her age had nothing life-changing to offer her.
  4. YOU ONLY NEED TO IMPRESS HER MOTHER FIRSTconnected destiniesThe shop-girls family; her mom in most cases is a single monther who miraculously raised her and her younger sister or brother. You the foreigner coming into her struggling daughters life is like winnig the lotto [ If you are an Expat in her country -ukraine-russia-belarus making more than $3000 dollars a month in income–you are rich by their standards of living economics. If you own a business in her country–even better, if you are student-you will need to prove that your personal wealth and the wealth of your family, or the income you will receive from your degree soon will provide a solid financial base for a new life in your home country ] She will believe in your destiny and make it hers as well, her mom will believe in her daughter’s  stability if only her daughter will have the type of allowance from you from which you both can send home money to her mom. Becuase in Russia/Ukraine/ Belarus and basically the entire Former Soviet Union countries—the adult children ARE your “retirement fund”–and if the daughter does not marry well, or marry “up” this could be catastrophe for the parents financially. Because family is everything in the FSU–everyone to some degree is very dependent on each other in times of crisis.

So, to summarize:  avoid university girls, avoid marriage agencies, avoid online dating /marriage agency platforms.  SIMPLY–arrive to this part of the world to work, study or start a business. Collect your confidence and ask a pretty girl from the shop on a fun date–that’s it! really. Good luck bro! fun intimate date


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Abdul Kader

We’ve all been in that situation where we walk into a shopping mall and see a hot woman working in a clothing store or other retail outlet.To be successful at picking up a female shop assistant, what you should focus on doing is:Creating a sexual vibe between you and her.

Shorif hasan

many time when you doing shop then you see many shoping beautiful gril who look so much beautiful and they want to impress you. after she will do love with you. sometimes you will go to dating for sex. after if your gril friends want to take baby and she tell you to marry . then you can’t sucesse of your aim. and you can’t run your business continue. so it’s very good point to avoid a university girl, shopping gril. i hope all people will be follow you articles for gain knowledge. thank you


When I was single (and ready to mingle), I used to check out the sales girl. I used to visit the store just to see the pretty face and have a nice chit-chat. In most cases, I used to buy from the store, where there was sales girl. However, I never took them seriously. I mean I was never in a relationship. Now I am too old for such things.

Abdul Kader

Everyone know about the facts that Relationships – at least successful ones – are based on trust and mutual respect, two tenets which dependent girls are nearly incapable of. This is what makes them all women to avoid.