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English Speaking Lawyer Anna Menshova And Doing Business In Russia 5/5 (5)

Doing business in Russia properly might lead you to an absolutely new level of life and self-development. This will require a lot of time and effort from you, but the more you put into it, the more reliable business you create. In a very simplified form starting a business requires from you to make the following steps (the sequence might be changed depending on the situation):   Russian Lawyer Anna Menshova Legal Services in English Price List PDF


  1. Registering a business.
  2. Hiring a team.
  3. Rent of office and office equipment
  4. Promoting business.
  5. Attracting and finding customers.

Correct planning and legal support in the beginning eliminates the need to correct errors in the future. Hire a legal specialist to guide you in building your business and spend your time only on your business development needs.

Legal services in Russia Price-list3


by Anna S. Menshova

 russian lawyer anna menshova

Russian Marketing Director & Legal Consultant for Elite Social Network

Lawyer and Legal adviser

Saint Petersburg, Russia


Tel. +7 967 590-73-79


Instagram: the_russianlawyer



Skype: annchitos

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I don’t have any intentions of going to Russia to do business. However, who knows what the future has stored for me. When I plan to go to Russia, I might need Anna’s service. I hope to build a business relationship with this lawyer.

Shorif hasan

that’s very helpful for forgain students who want self development course i will suggest my friends about anna and when i go to russia then i might take anna service.

Abdul Kader

the rules and regulations is not easier in the west as it is in the East so for the foreigner it is the first choice of lawyer who speaks in English(The International Language ) like English Speaking Lawyer Anna Menshova