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The Scar That Never Heals And Germany’s Future For International Students 5/5 (4)

Is Germany still a safe place for  international “students of color ” to obtain their higher education? Many Russians, Ukrainians, African, Indian and Arab country students have successfully obtained Masters and other advanced medical and engineering degrees in Germany–after having first obtained their degrees in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Serbia and even Czech Republic and Kazakhstan. But what is happening in the educational sphere at the university level in Germany–are international applications declining? How do  international students already studying in Germany evaluate their situation? Read more in our late February feature article in the category series  “Real Analysis”.

BERLIN, GERMANY – MAY 16: German Chancellor Angela Merkel greets students at the Sophie Scholl school during a visit on the fifth European Union school project day on May 16, 2011 in Berlin, Germany. The nationwide initiative is meant to foster a stronger understanding young people of the role of the European Union. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)


Is Germany’s desire to prove to the world again that they are not “racist” , that they are the most “open” and “tolerant”  European country actually creating a more complex social and educational atmosphere  for international students.  Read the feature article in February.

Refugee Policy of Germany Factsheet

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Shorif hasan

of course Germany is a very cool and forgain student best choice place to get higher education. i am also like this country to get higher education


When I was a student, I never had the desire to travel to Germany for higher education. However, a lot of people from my home country go to Germany for higher education. German degree has a reputation in my home country.

Abdul Kader

I would rate Germany as a far better place to live. It got a culture, sense of pride, history, a social integration which is impossible to have in Canada. But, language is a big problem in Germany. As far as I know you need to show something like a locked amount in a German account as a proof of funding or living. German is quite open to immigrants as the same is evident by thousands of Turkish or south Asian worker in Germany.

Abdul Kader

Sorry not locked “locked account” its a “locked amount” that means a reserved amount of bank money for getting permission to go to Germany my 4 friends staying in Germany and three of them doing their job in Germany

Suchan Kumar
Suchan Kumar

International students had very positive comments about the cities and cultural atmosphere in Germany. In fact, comments show that students in Germany placed a greater importance on the city and living environment than the European average.

Susmita Dey
Susmita Dey

In reality ,Germany doesn’t see race—or at least it pretends not to. Racial categories that are commonplace in the US and UK—such as white, black, and Asian—don’t exist in Germany. The government doesn’t see any need to measure the number of ethnic minorities in certain schools, universities, and jobs, because it doesn’t want to divide its citizens.