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Something terrible will happen in 2018? 5/5 (4)


Another new year came.What will happen in 2016?Predicts Popular Magazine Craig Hamilton Parker.Who is this Parker?Why did his prediction rise in the title?Then you know who this is Parker.

Craig Hamilton Parker is the person who correctly told during the election for the US president, Donald Trump will sit on the White House.Parker’s popularity is not just because of this!Before the Ness attack in Paris, he had warned in advance warning.The British Union would leave the European Union.I can understand why she is so lucky about him.And why all the days of the first time were printed on this prediction.

Many said to Parker khapatSome say that he is mentally unbalanced.But his followers refused to pay attention to these races.The biggest events or accidents in the world who can predict it already, the followers of Parker are not ready to speak just plain.Now that Parker officially announced at the beginning of the year, exactly what is going to happen in 2018.And this is his prediction, but many people have to take the night’s sleep.There has been panic among many, especially in India.

Craig Hamilton Parker’s prediction, this year, there will be very large floods in India.The result will be fatal.Lots of damage will occur.Livelihood and property damage will be severe.But what would be a natural disaster like the tsunami in India chest?He did not open the case.

However, this flood will have a huge impact on India as well as China.But what is the prophecy of the Brahmaputra water?Already there is a lot of pressure in China and India with water from this river.This water flows in Bangladesh also.As a result, Bangladesh has enough reason to be concerned.


Many of India also suspects that China is using nuclear or chemical tests under the Brahmaputra.But in the course of such an exam, there will be a big accident?Or Beijing will do any harm in the waterway?The answer will give time.

Parker Ano said that in 2016, the North Korean general will sack the country’s top commander Kim Jong Un.There will be a tremendous rebellion, so that the monopoly of Kim will become Khan Khan.A popular street on the streets of Britain, terrorists will launch a big attack!Parker warns that many people will die if police and administration are not alert enough.He has also informed about how this attack will happen, he said.Not a suicide bomber, terrorists will now use dronesDrone will be stored in chemical weaponsThose weapons will fall down on the streets of Britain.

Predictive list is tallerIt will be the eruption of Italy’s Mount Vesuvius this year.Naples to vacate it.In Australia and California, many wild animals and animals will be burnt to death.Parker’s eyes, this year, a big warship in America will sink enemies.That enemy is China?You can only answer the same time.


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We don’t need psychics to tell terrible things are going to happen in 2018. If they are specific such as the president of X country will be murdered, that is different matter. However, terrible things are always happening. Because of human error, every year nature is imposing a wrath on humanity. There are earthquakes, volcano, tornado, landslides etc.Terrorism is growing intense every year.