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Benefits Of Studying Abroad And Living In Foreign Country 5/5 (3)

While most of your American high school classmates are stressed-out over their SAT/ACT scores in order to have a chance at being accepted for studies in an “IVY-League” school where tuition per year can range from $25,000 to $40,000 a year–you were cleverly searching for and applying to Eastern European universities and even Ukrainian, Belorussian and Russian universities.  The decision of earning your first university diploma in a different country where your home language is not spoken can be a 100% life altering choice for many who consider studying abroad.

American Medical school tuition cost comparison agaist Ukrainian, Polish and Russian medical schools will really be of shock for you.  I will provide current statistics on tuition costs of foreign [ non UK/USA/Canadian ] medical tutuition costs in the feature article coming this winter.

to be continued

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Fairuj Lutfia
Fairuj Lutfia

By studying abroad, students have the opportunity to study in a foreign nation and take in the allure and culture of a new land.

Susmita Dey
Susmita Dey

The dream of studying abroad is no longer a distant dream, which only a few chosen people can afford.Today with the number of education loans and scholarships on offer; international higher education is much more accessible.


where in the world you wish to study is not always an easy task. As well as your own personal interests you should think about practicalities such as the costs of studying in that country (both tuition costs and living costs), your graduate career prospects (is there a good job market?) and your overall safety and welfare

Abdul Kader

Studying abroad is certainly not always a cheaper option; indeed, for many (if not most) international students, it’s more expensive to study abroad than it would have been to stay closer to home. However, this of course depends on how the tuition fees and living costs compare in your own country and your potential study destination.


I went to India to study. I completed my high school diploma from India. However, going to India is not considered abroad study in my home country because India is a neighboring country where we do not require a visa to travel. As a student, I wanted to go to the US but I did not have resources.