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I promised to write this analysis in a series of  “ACTS”, however ,   there is no 2nd ACT.  Because the the second act is  the WAR itself and I will leave that sad analysis to the hundreds of expert foreign policy experts around the world to write their pre-determined editorials and reports on this matter.  Quite simplythere are too many compenents to identify and expain in finite detail and I dont want this site to become a political platform. However , I reiterate that this Syrian refugee crisis directly effects every dark skinned foreign student –Christian or Muslim or of other faiths–that study in Europe and the Russian speaking world [RSW].  I will continue my positions.


We can not ignore the collosal transformation that France, Germany and England to some extent are facing in the next 5 years; in terms of religious and ethnic idenity.  Many white europeans feel their majority presence and cultural identity is being challenged from every side of their existance; from mass prayer hours held in public spaces , to the new Halal stores replacing tradtional but not profitable mini-markets and even how Christian europeans police themelves with political correctness in order not to accidentally offend their new members of society.

mass prayer
mass prayer in public spaces is being challenged

The most controversial  cultural  clash is centered  on  muslim women and the clothing they choose to wear.  Here are several  misguided Christian views about Muslim women:

  1.  that all muslim women are oppressed and their clothing is a direct reflection of this oppression.
  2.  that muslim women are “prisoners” of their own religion and if they were to embrase “western styles” of  clothing then they would feel better about themselves and express their beauty.  [ I find this to be the most unfounded and ridicuclous sterotype in Europe]
  3. If they are wearing lighter color veiling they are “safe” muslims, if they are wearing black vieling –then they are “radicalised” muslims [yet another unfounded sterotype perpetuated by white christian europeans]


White Christians seem to have no problem with the Hijab–however they are terrrified of the remaining four types of veiling, especially the Burqa. But what are white Christians in Europe afraid of ??

But do these muslim women in these photos look unhappy? oppressed ? or less fashionable than their white christian society in which they have immigrated into? The viel and its many forms are not threatening. Considerably, it is the lack of cultural understanding by Europeans in general that is fueling the mistrust and paranoid sterotypes against all muslims.


But what are white Christians in Europe afraid of??  Although, more than 60% of the refugees entering Europe are men , and the  lesser are women and children.  What European politicians will not reveal in interviews or to thier own constituents  is that the national birthrate of thier countrywomen and of other surrounding European countries–decidedly France and Germany– have completely dropped. So much so,  that compared to the Muslim birth rate in any European country is 2 to 3  children per muslim woman of child bearing age– on average.  The real fear is not about the small percentage of refugees attacking and raping women in Europe–but rather how to marginalise and control the muslim women–to make their existance in Europe as miserable and education for their children difficult and perhaps humiliating as possible.. so that they dont feel safe to have children, or perhaps return to their own countries of origin. . the real  “psychological war”  is against Muslim women…and they are secretly the primal fear in the hearts and minds of politicians across Europe……but Socrates would force us to enter the dialectic..




SOCRATES : What troubles your soul young man?

PLATO:  Muslim women in Europe are being oppressed.


PLATO:  Because European Christian white women are at risk

SOCRATES:  RISK!  risk of what?  risk is associated with the expectation and probable result of LOSS.  So I ask you another way young man.  What is there to lose?

PLATO: They could lose their European identity if the Muslim women have many children, they could lose their culture if Sharia law is adopted in these territories, they could lose their architecture if mosques are built in every city, they could even lose the popularity of Christianity if disaffected young people convert to Islam thus the Muslim woman must be controlled.

SOCRATES: Why not control the Muslim men?

PLATO: Teacher,  it is a historical model based on the European’s treatment of black African slaves; they must control the slave’s woman in order to control the male slave, they must destroy thier symbols of identity such as religious symbols and this viel which clearly scares them, the hijab, and the Niqab and the Burqa really freighten them. ..this must be done  in order to force them to assimilate to the larger culture. The Muslim man can not be controlled directly.

SOCRATES:  But these “viels” you talk about..they are mere pieces of clothing, are they not? But does not a Catholic nun wear similar clothing, also a symbol of her subjugation to Christ? like in this photo? Is it not also black and forboding, why is the Catholic nun not being oppressed in the same way the muslim woman and her kind in Europe?

PLATO:  No my Teacher, these veils are much more. The viel is the very core of the Muslim woman’s identity. It is a “second skin”, it is easily bruised, vulnerable and it can be cut like skin, bruised like skin and burnt like skin. The viel is her honor, her modesty, her purity,  her symbol of subjugation to Islam– it is her soul she wears on the outside and it caresses her..without protection.  The Muslim woman is  my dear Teacher, the Muslim man’s “manhood”.

SOCRATES:  I dont think the European Governments will succeed.  But if Europe feels they have everything to lose.  Then what will the Muslim population gain in this cultural battle for idenity?

PLATO:  A  permamnet enfluence on European Community Laws and participation in local and national government levels.

SOCRATES: But permanent enfluence — this sounds like a better mechanism for inclusiveness, does not what you say resemble the ideals of a “republic”–is this not  “Demos” is this not democracy?

PLATO: Yes, Teacher.

SOCRATES: Then European governments should treat Muslim women and children better and with respect to their identity and in return, fewer Muslim men will attack white European women and perhaps, this will make the ideal conditions for a diaologue

PLATO: But Teacher, what about the Great Republic, this European Union, what will become of this?

SOCRATES: I will think on this matter ,  now  it is my soul  that is troubled . .. .

to be continued. . .














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Integration is becoming a great problem everywhere because the racial division is also getting wider. I am from Nepal and Nepal is predominantly a Hindu nation (about 85 percent people are Hindus). The government is secular which means every faith can co-exist, however, there is a terrible division between different faiths. There has been a communal war many times. A couple of years ago, when 12 Hindu men from Nepal were killed in Iraq, the Hindus in Nepal reacted by attacking Muslims and their properties.