Defector Part 11 The Rogue Investor 5/5 (2)

There were several opportune moments in world economic history that were pivotal turning points for  then called “vulture investors” –and now called “rogue investors“.

1. Post Civil War [ USA]

2. Post  World War I [ 1919-1920 ; specifically France/Germany and what is present day Austria. ]

3. Post  1929 U.S. Stock market crash.

4.  Post World War II [ 1945 to 1946 ]

5. 2006 -2008 Globafl Real Estate “bubble”

6. The collapse of the Soviet Union 1990-93*

Particularily , the collapse of the Soviet Union presented the most opportunity for major European consumer goods providers to capture unchallenged large swaths of the Russian market share and in even better to invest in Ukraine for their products and services. But do not forget the other 15 republics which also experienced massive massive market entry from  small , medium and global behemoths such as MacDonalds, Coca Cola and postal carriers such as DHL, and clothing retailers of every brand–who are now earing tens of millions in revenue today fro their investment 10 and 23 years ago. But does it really seem like a long time ago 1990?



I was only 18 years old in 1990, but I new exactly then that one day I would be in this russian speaking geography — first as a student for many years and then as a “teacher- investor” .  But what did I learn and what can we learn from the first generation of  ex-pat rogue investors from the 1990’s who are now multi-millionaires? I learned the most important rule.  TAKE RISKS AND TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION! read more here about “strategic risk taking” 

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But what specific and perhaps in comparasion are the most affordable  investments today that a new younger generation of expat-rogue investors are making today 2000- to 2017 ?


  1.  The English School– – yes, with minimal investment many “native speakers of English” have established themselves in key labor markets and university towns across the post soviet geography.
  2.  Restraunt Partnership — However finding and honest local cafe or bar- nightclub owner who also speaks English is becoming easier since they new generation of “golden-children [wealthy offspring of 1990’s post-soviet wealthy parents] are now inheritors of vast redundant “little-businesses”  that were started in the 1990’s and today these barely profitable mini-cafe’s bars, even swank larger restaraunts  are highly ineffecient by western standards . But with an experienced European restraunteur or  investor expeienced in investing in food serivce and entertainment. With the assistance of a business broker can locate needy owners who need  help at every level ; financial, marketing and even operational logistics–for this partership can be had from as small as $20,000 to $250,000 and even higher depending on the mutual agreed upon transformation of the business set forth.
  3. Franchise opportunies—  Read here at this link from a trusted European intermediary for franchise opportunities in Ukraine, Russia , Kaz. , Bel, and even in Armenia and Georgia!  read more here
  4. The Apartment — this is a long term position to take where you could  ‘flip” the property after 5 or 10 years, however, it might be better to just collect rent.
  5.  Digital Billboard Screens— Advertising pays off very well. So, well that this may be the best kept secret at the moment. Read more here

1990’s so long ago but yet so near. . .

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I had an acquaintance in the USSR. When the Communist system collapsed, my acquaintance’s shops and stores were vandalized and he lost his property. He went bankrupt. The richest man in our country is believed to have accumulated wealth when he was working in the USSR and Communists stored properties with him, but never came back to claim after the USSR collapsed.