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We would like to think that Europe is a bright example of multiculturalism, but it is perhaps, an imperfect model in today’s refugee pretext. Historically though, a few countries such as Portugal, Spain, Italy, France and Germany have always had a significant African population. you would be surprised to learn that even centuries ago, the Moors occupied postitions of power among the European nobility, also known as the “black nobility”

Considerably, the aforemention European countries in later centuries were agressive and cruel colonialists in Africa in their pursuit of minierals and food resources. Some of these European countries were humane enough to offer residency and citizenship to their colonial subjugates if they were converts of Christianity or if they had contributed the the colonial strategy of the empire that subjugated them. Thus opens the amazment of many Western tourists upon discovering or meeting ethnicall black African citizens of particualrily  Germany who claim their family tree to be 200+ years old in Germany. The following video documentary wil explain a lot of missing history most of us did not receive in high school or even the best universities. But first a movie

I found another documentary that was more recent with interviews of two generations of German black living today in Germany. In fact, I learned a lot myself. Perhaps all of us have stereotypes about Germany’s history with immigrants it was never a “new” wave there has allways been an African population in germany.

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This is completely a new topic for me. I know nothing about African ancestry in Germany or entire Europe. However, I believe that Europe was less hostile against the Africans compared to the Americans. Thanks for the video links, I will watch these documentaries and enrich my knowledge on this topic.

Abdul Kader

I have come to believe that the Africans who came to Europe earlier, The Grimaldi human descendents lived until the 19th century. There ranks suppleted by immigrants from Africa. Some images by the Celts look classical african. I believe some of these people, called blue men, became the nobility in the late medieval period, claiming blue blood. They were black in looks: a fixed mulatto race.