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Anti-Social Network; New Generation of Social Networking Sites 5/5 (2)

What is a social network? This question may be resolved by asking yourself a parallel question: what purpose does the social media platform serve?  Are people really finding each other according to interests and “connecting” or what is called “social networking” . As a rule, the founder’s vision usually drives the overall thematic visual presentation and user features the founder feels that enable new subscribers to connect with each other and “share” their lives with media content.


Could we propose that Facebook’s strategy was to create a global platform for “personal data-mining” with the final result to sell this information to marketers.

Could we propose that Twitter is not interested in real messages being sent to followers, nor dynamic media for personal profiles such as photo albums or music–and if they did they could easily over-take Facebook

Could we propose that most so called social sites are inefficient in strategy although they make millions of dollars for their principal owners and investors.

Consider this: If Facebook really wanted to be profitable they should transform into a “global news organization” and even finance movie production for “pay-per view” mobile device release.  They would out-gross traditional movie studios easily. Facebook could even charge a yearly subscription fee and they would make billions a year–because everyone who has an account is ADDICTED.

But let us return our focus to the global addiction of social media and why Elite Social Network is the Anti-social–social network.


Let’s be honest… how much time do you waste each working day and every working week reading and posting updates to your social profile? A considerable amount of time I’m sure.


Above is a graphic representation of time wasted  on your computer, offered by  http://www.wips.com  you can download the app to your desktop computer from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions  Interestingly, you can discover your inefficiency after 2 months. Employers often download this software on one master computer to monitor the productivity of their office worker who abuse computer access protocols which usually restrict the visiting to social network sites.

But the psychological motivations for browsing the internet while at work may not be readily understood. Many respected sociologists support the idea that there is actually a colossal social-disconnect; workers are actually starving for real physical face-to-face conversation intimacy and have been fooled by social media that a dynamic online community will substitute the gratification of being affirmed. This is exactly where the insatiable addiction begins; users who actively seek “likes” for their photos, the acquiring of thousands of  “virtual friends” from all corners of the world that they will never share a cup of tea or a beer with–but only serve as an “affirmation base” that will without vocal judgment “like” , “share” or “rate” their posts and media or meaningless photos…a virtual dose of affirmation that begins well before the morning coffee, even before crawling out of bed in the morning to pee, a Facebook, Twitter , Instagram or Vkontakte subscriber is laying in bed checking the updates they missed while they were sleeping. .. and this is more important than having the first pee of the morning…

. . ..to be continued ; “WHY ELITE SOCIAL NETWORK–is the anti-social network for young entreprenuers

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When I married I did not know my wife was addicted to facebook. She was not only checking her facebook throughout the day but also in the night when ever she woke up. I was so much irritated, however, I did not interfere. I use over a dozen social media sites, however, I use social media site for digital marketing and I am nt addicted to social media