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Defector Part # 8: The Work – Life Balance Tradeoff of Online Business 5/5 (2)

Elite Social Network will release this late Spring for sale and download, the E-book, “Total Control:SEO/IT Specialist’s Blueprint For Defecting To The East”.  

There are two very portable careers that can be transplanted to any part of the non-English speaking world– The native English teacher and the SEO/IT specialist.  I will elaborate shortly. These two professions are desperately needed in particular the former Soviet republics of Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia itself . Albeit Russia having the strongest economy despite economic political situations of late, even the other aforementioned countries are now experiencing their first boom for SEO [ search engine optimisation] and social network creation and social media marketing–IN ENGLISH!!. The reason being, once domestic producers of goods and services are now in an expansion phase of exporting their products via the internet and online stores; the online business model has proven to be economical for many small, medium and large post-soviet states. How do i know, well I have been an English teacher for several years in some of the countries above, and i know first hand from my corporate clients the need for website translation so that it sounds “more British, or more American in the sales copy”–onsite localisation of their entire platform and even the seo keyword research in English.

Above is a great, and short video describing with some statistics about Russia’s current growth in e-retailing, online business, considerably, Ukraine and Belarus and Kazakhstan may not have as robust a statistical comparison but granted there is growth for SEO services focused on re-tooling websites or creating new websites for selling in English speaking markets such as the nearby European Union.


If you are a “Western Based” SEO/IT specialist:

1. Are you satisfied with the “style of  life” that you live?

2.Does your income spend the way you want it to?

3. Are you lonely? because no decent Western woman  has the patience to understand what the hell is SEO and  an “online business” ?

4. Is your work challenging, and your clients interesting ?

5. Do you feel that your work is helping businesses make more money . .or do you value a result where your technical expertise completely changes lives?

Take this Poll , if you answer yes to 3 of these questions then you should consider reading my E-book coming this late Spring called “TOTAL CONTROL“–basically a guide to help you transform your life and relocate to the Russian speaking world and support yourself with an online business.

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