Anti-Social Network; New Generation of Social Networking Sites 5/5 (2)

What is a social network? This question may be resolved by asking yourself a parallel question: what purpose does the social media platform serve?  Are people really finding each other according to interests and “connecting” or what is called “social networking” . As a rule, the founder’s vision usually drives the overall thematic visual presentation

Legal services brochure coming up! 5/5 (1)

Hello dear readers, expats, students, investors and everyone who got here by chance or the will of fate! Less winter, more spring, less words, more action! I have a legal services brochure coming up for you this March, 7! Subscribe to our social network:  or make a profile on our site, and follow our

MARRY OR NOT TO MARRY? Reasons for marrying a Russian 5/5 (2)

  Photo by Anna Bunski My own Internet survey about marrying a Russian has revealed that Internet contains dozens of Russian articles about registration of marriage between a Russian and a foreigner itself, and dozens of English articles about a Russian fiancé moving abroad (overly subjectively emotive and totally biased). But it turns out that

Real Analysis #2: Why The European Union Needs To Learn Arabic and Russian 5/5 (3)

The European Union  is transforming in such a historically dynamic way that we might not notice the benefits for : Former Soviet Union States Currency Traders Real Estate Speculators and other Individual Investors Arabic language teachers and why governmental civil servants across Europe need a speed course in Arabic Language, and why those savvy entrepreneur

Defector Part # 8: The Work – Life Balance Tradeoff of Online Business 5/5 (2)

Elite Social Network will release this late Spring for sale and download, the E-book, “Total Control:SEO/IT Specialist’s Blueprint For Defecting To The East”.   There are two very portable careers that can be transplanted to any part of the non-English speaking world– The native English teacher and the SEO/IT specialist.  I will elaborate shortly. These

The Social Network Battle For European Subscribers: Utility Quotient Part #1 5/5 (6)

In the above photo [ Mark Zuckerberg -Facebook, Polo Mwonyonyi– Elite Social Network, Pavel Durov-Vkontkte] There is a saying, “To0 Big To Fail” –-but has the American social site –Facebook become too large of a social network to actually stop growing at a rate that is profitable for share holders? Has Facebook entered a period

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