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Defector Part #7 : European Entrepreneurs Defecting To The East 5/5 (1)

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Why are so many young europeans leaving the once magnificent economic miracle  once known as a “United” European Union. However, despite the refugee crisis, there are other more serious economic cancers that have spread throughout Europe and have left several countries such as Italy , Portugal and Greece in debt catastrophe.

Europe is currently losing an entire generation of educated , young unmarried and economically mobile labor force that is not constrained to working and living in the European Union. These young entrepreneurs , who are multi-lingual and have in most cases 2 higher educations are placing their bets and futures on Eastern Europe [ or what we can loosely call the Former Soviet Union states–Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, the Baltics and all the “Stans’ ” ].

The answer is simple: “Wealth Creation”, and it can be achieved by bringing  “know-how” and “capital” to these transitional economies of the former Soviet Union [F.S.U].  Many young professionals with an MBA or management experience have begun to learn Russian, because the russian speaking world is the largest market for European Educated and Russian-English fluent managers.  The demand for Western expertise is massive, and the desire on behalf of young Europeans to dramatically change their lives and leave the EU prison is equally intense.

to be continued

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