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The New Frontiers : Ukraine and Russia Are The Last Untapped Markets 5/5 (4)

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There is a growing consensus among economists in the European Union that beyond full membership into the European Union for Ukraine there is a second alternative for shared economic prosperity; promote and develop the Ukrainian economy. It is no secret that many Western firms are considering completely relocating their production facilities into Ukraine and Russia. […]

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How Foreigners Can Reduce Their Cost Of Living: Or Why Are You Still Taking A Taxi? 5/5 (6)

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Your first year as a foreign student  studying in Ukraine , Belarus or Russia can be quite expensive if you haven’t mastered some basic russian language for simple living.  In particular, learning how to over-come your fear of riding cheaper “public transport” and speaking –albeit with a nervous accent —to the bus driver, or tram […]


We Decided to Stay and Build a New Future 5/5 (1)

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There comes a critical moment in every foreign student’s academic program to choose between returning home immediately after graduation and remaining in their native land..or…returning back to Kiev , Kharkiv, Dnep or Odessa [ which seem to be the major cities for foreigners] in order to “REINVENT” or start life new .  Increasingly , like […]