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Study Abroad Advice for Ukrainian Students Part 2 5/5 (2)

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    Are you building any “networks” or “strategic relationships” when you are in Europe or America studying and working? Most students make the fundamental mistake of not maximizing their opportunity by establishing real “professional relationships” and “personal friendships”; there is a big difference between these two ideas.   Professional relationship: this is the academic […]

Anna Menshova

Promotion Announcement: Anna S. Menshova 5/5 (4)

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Mwonyonyi Xoldingz Ukraine, the parent company of this project is proud to announce the highly deserved promotion of Anna S. Menshova to the post of Russian Marketing Director & Legal Consultant for Kyiv Student Network.  Ms. Menshova is  now the second largest shareholder  in Kyiv Student Network behind the Director, Mr.Polo Mwonyonyi. She brings her analytical […]