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Why Real Skype Russian Changed It’s Name But Not Mission be 1st to rate this!

Many of my close friends asked me this winter, “Polo , why in the world did you change the name of “Real Skype Russian“–to Elite Social Network?” –and my answer was rather long:

  1. Mwonyonyi Xoldingz Ukraine; the parent company has  a core mission of helping people “live free”. This “freedom” philosophy starts in the sphere of  “self-discovery” through international study and international collaboration in science, business, education and medicine. You notice I did not say “politics”
  2. To incorporate/ include all of these spheres within our first project; Real SKype Russian could not just focus on Russian and Ukrainian languages. Although, the language study is the core atom which indentifies all  of our members.
  3.  A social platform will dynamically enable  our elite members to find and collaborate on RSW projects with each other much more so than on other “social sites”–which today seem to be created to showcase photos and nothing more…photos and advertising and online games. that is what I see on Odnoklassniki [another platform not intended for foreigners in the RSW] also on Vkontakte [ although I would say VK has the less advertising thrown in your face like Facebook does–which is user-distracting].
  4.  Elite Social Network has a regional focus of the Russian Speaking World [RSW] as such does Mwonyonyi XOldingz Ukraine and it’s other future projects; they are all focused on creating “balance” in the level of intellectual exchange between the RSW and the world. At the moment, the mass media and major educational institutions have distorted the broadcasted message to millions of viewers and readers around the world. Unfortunately, “The Cold War” has not ended but transformed in such an evil way that it has purposely failed to “update” the available literature and or continue to finance Russian Area, or Slavic Area Studies at major Western Universities.

But where does this fit into a larger plan of reaching a specific group of people as–Russian/Ukrainian language learners? Well, from my experience meeting with other “expats” [ I really don’t like this term] but most foreigners who  have chosen to study Russian language or focus their advanced degree education somewhere in the Russian Speaking World –they are a very intelligent and well connected group. However, their own network structures are not “layered” or very “wide” in scope of people and resources. I feel that the transformation on Real Skype Russian, an initial platform to connect with awesome teachers was a great BETA-Concept that has now transformed into Elite Social Network where members can still connect with our langauge teacher but also  connect with each other as a social site  platform.

It is disheartening  to witness as an educator myself, that the many people have no patience to “write” a paper postal letter, a paragraph. or a logical comment on the internet. The world seems to be re-programmed to writing a thought in less than 200 characters [ not words! characters and spaces].


I believe people who study Russian or Ukrainian are elite intellectuals capable of scholarly research, analytical debate and even they can be influential contributors to this rather personal site I have created on thier behalf.  I encourage anyone reading this particular post to join our community and watch how we grow it -together-  into an elite information platform for those who love the Russian Speaking World [RSW].


Thank You and please share my article with your friends

“Live Free”

Polo Mwonyonyi, Founder

Mwonyonyi Xoldingz Ukraine,

Elite Social Network

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