Saint Teresa Of Calcutta India 5/5 (1)

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MOTHER TERESA 1910-1997 Mother Teresa was moved by the sight of sick and dying on the streets of Kolkata. She founded a home for  the dying destitute and named it” Niemal Hridoy”, Meaning ‘pure hart’. She and  her fellow nuns brought the dying people off the streets of kalkata to this home. They were Loved, […]

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Three University Girls To Avoid Part 2 : The Language Student 5/5 (3)

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These girls have close connections and friendships with the  secretaries, program administrators, and russian language teachers within the  “International Office —отдел международных отношений –which prepares and manages the foreign applications to the university; basically the administrative back- office which will place a foreign student into a faculty  of study, assign dormitory space and even for the […]


Bangladesh Russia: Relations 5/5 (4)

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The relation between Bangladesh Russia is a historical one. It has a long history. Soviet Union (USSR) stands by the side of Bangladesh during the revolution days in 1971. Soviet Union has extended its hand towards the achieving of independence of Bangladesh in global diplomacy. Soviet Union expoiled the attempt of Pakistan to stop the […]


Artists I Admire: KISS 5/5 (4)

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Growing up in the 1980’s  was especially exciting because we had real musical artists that could actually play instruments and write their own music. In fact, I would argue that the 1980’s was the last decade of really talented musical artisits of the mainstream radio.  Of Course, the creation of MTV in the 1980’s re-directed […]